”Picture on the Wall” is a simple feature that allows you to either upload your own room photo, or use a room photo from our stock gallery.

In our stock gallery, the artwork you want to see on a wall, will always be scaled in the right size. Therefore you do not need to scale the artwork. It is possible to do so, but then the size will not be the correct one.

With you own selected room photo you can decide how 1 meter should be scaled, just by using the mouse or you finger to scale it. Then the artwork you choose, will automatically be the right size compared to the room picture.

You can use this feature on your mobile, but for optimal use please use one of follow browser Firefox, Chrome or Safari on your tablet, IPad or computer. The feature is created to be embedded to your homepage or open in a new browser.

See Sample / Technical setup here

"PICTURE ON THE WALL" is available in 2 versions:
1. With advertising on the interior pictures: 1 kr. a day
2. Without advertising on the interior pictures: 2 kr. a day

Vores priser

Grafisk ekspertise: 350 pr. time
SEO/Web udvikling: 400 pr. time
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